Tuesday, October 22, 2013


I apologize for my absence!  My home life has been, well, unmanageable I suppose you could say.
I have an opportunity for you today though.  This is something that I have also started doing.

If you have a passion for candles (or obsession like me) and also like jewelry, this could be the perfect fit for you!  JewelryInCandles is completely FREE to join and you will never be forced to make a purchase!  You can make your sales either through your online store, by posting ads (which will be supplied for you or you can make your own) around the internet.  A little bit of marketing.  It's as simple as that!

If you choose to sell in person (do not have to go door to door, go to farmers markets etc), I do suggest purchasing at least the sample scent package so your customers can smell prior to purchasing their 100% natural soy candles and/or wax tarts (scent beads coming by the 25th!).  There are also catalogs you can print off, and you can also do up some business cards and what not.

JewelryInCandles, like I said, is 100% natural soy.  They offer a number of different aromas which are not overwhelming, but do freshen the house.  They have 100 - 150 burn time.  Within these candles are a small foil packet.  Upon purchase, your customer will be able to choose which piece of jewelry they would like to receive!  A necklace, earrings, or a ring and can even choose the ring size!
These make wonderful Christmas, birthday, Valentines Day, etc gifts!

The commision is 30%, plus 6% for anyone who joins under you, 4% for anyone who joins under them, and JewelryInCandles is creating even more downline rewards as I post this!

If you have any questions about this or any other leads I've posted, please feel free to Email Me!

If you do decide to join, please be sure to let me know.  Add me on facebook (WiccanMom2Two) so I can invite you to the group. (You can delete me afterwards if you'd like, no hard feelings!)  The group we have consists of reps, graphics, self made catalogs, tons of information, loads of help, and everyone shares everything they make.  You're free to use anything within the group.

I will also add, as a rep, you do get a discount.  The jewelry in the candles range from $10 to $7,500.  People have found everything from titanium, ruby's, diamonds, to sterling silver and more!

Have a great day!


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