Friday, February 22, 2013

Review - ShortTask & DollarsIncome

Two for today because they're very similar.  If you are a member at MicroWorkers, these will be easy for you to get the hang of.
ShortTask and DollersIncome are two websites very much like MicroWorkers.  I have made accounts at each, but have yet to actually use them.  Like MicroWorkers, these two sites list small task jobs that pay out anywhere from $0.01 and up.  Tasks range from click work, to sign ups, to writing articles and more.  Very easy stuff.

ShortTask pays through Paypal and has a withdrawal minimum of $10.

With DollarsIncome, they also pay through paypal.  They have a minimum withdrawal account of $15.00.

With both sites, you request to withdrawal.  It isn't automatically sent on a certain day.


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