Monday, February 18, 2013

Review - MicroWorkers

MicroWorkers is based on a bunch of small task jobs, hence the title, MicroWorkers.  These task jobs are often referred to as micro jobs.  So this site, you simply create an account, make sure your profile is completed, and go for it.  These task jobs pay very little, however most of these tasks take only a minute of your time and add up.

For example, I've completed 6 task jobs ranging between $0.10 - $0.65 and have a total of $2.60 in my account.  Those were done within minutes.  A couple were proof of an entire search, one was a like on youtube, one was a bookmark and Google +1, etc.  Just random, easy tasks.  If you were to sit and do this through out the day, you could probably make a decent amount per day.

I also wanted to add that RateMyVideo sent me my first payment today.  You don't need to request payment, they send it when you hit $5.  I received a deposit of $6.10 into my paypal account today. :)


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