Saturday, February 9, 2013

Review - Humanatic

The very first review will be for Humanatic; clicking on this link will open the site in a new window.  Just in case though, be sure to bookmark this blog for future reviews on sites to earn extra cash!

Humanatic is a website that is currently hiring.  I just started there personally, haven't put in much time yet but have earned over $7 just doing a few reviews here and there over 1 day.  Humanatic hires you to review call clips.  It's very easy, especially considering what you do.  You will listen to a short audio clip, and select the correct category.  Simple as that.  The pay differs however.  It currently says 0.6¢ for outbound call reviews and 1.6¢ for inbound call reviews.  The pay isn't that great, but as I said, it's very easy work and is a great resource for extra cash.  They pay weekly on Mondays through paypal if you have a minimum of $5.  Other wise, what you've made will get carried over to the following Monday.

One thing that I have a problem with, and that I've read is a common problem on other blogs etc, is the loading time of the audio files.  It can take a while for the audio files to load.  If you mix this with something else to earn some extra cash that doesn't involve audio, you can pass the time waiting for the audio file to load very easily.

Humanatic is English only, and I believe they hire from from anyway.  I can tell you for sure they hire in the US and in Canada.  Give it a try and see what you think of it!


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