Tuesday, October 22, 2013


I apologize for my absence!  My home life has been, well, unmanageable I suppose you could say.
I have an opportunity for you today though.  This is something that I have also started doing.

If you have a passion for candles (or obsession like me) and also like jewelry, this could be the perfect fit for you!  JewelryInCandles is completely FREE to join and you will never be forced to make a purchase!  You can make your sales either through your online store, by posting ads (which will be supplied for you or you can make your own) around the internet.  A little bit of marketing.  It's as simple as that!

If you choose to sell in person (do not have to go door to door, go to farmers markets etc), I do suggest purchasing at least the sample scent package so your customers can smell prior to purchasing their 100% natural soy candles and/or wax tarts (scent beads coming by the 25th!).  There are also catalogs you can print off, and you can also do up some business cards and what not.

JewelryInCandles, like I said, is 100% natural soy.  They offer a number of different aromas which are not overwhelming, but do freshen the house.  They have 100 - 150 burn time.  Within these candles are a small foil packet.  Upon purchase, your customer will be able to choose which piece of jewelry they would like to receive!  A necklace, earrings, or a ring and can even choose the ring size!
These make wonderful Christmas, birthday, Valentines Day, etc gifts!

The commision is 30%, plus 6% for anyone who joins under you, 4% for anyone who joins under them, and JewelryInCandles is creating even more downline rewards as I post this!

If you have any questions about this or any other leads I've posted, please feel free to Email Me!

If you do decide to join, please be sure to let me know.  Add me on facebook (WiccanMom2Two) so I can invite you to the group. (You can delete me afterwards if you'd like, no hard feelings!)  The group we have consists of reps, graphics, self made catalogs, tons of information, loads of help, and everyone shares everything they make.  You're free to use anything within the group.

I will also add, as a rep, you do get a discount.  The jewelry in the candles range from $10 to $7,500.  People have found everything from titanium, ruby's, diamonds, to sterling silver and more!

Have a great day!

Friday, July 26, 2013

Paid To Post

A small update first.  RateMyVideo has closed down, unfortunately.  From my experience, the best money making sites from my blog are Humanatic, TranscribeMe, MicroWorkers and SliceThePie.  I currently have $40 sitting in my Paypal account just in the past few days.

For anyone who likes to chat on forums, I have a perfect site for you!  This will give you at least $0.02 per post you make, and up to $1.  The minimum payout is $9 and they pay through paypal.  You will also receive $0.50 for every referral that joins.  I haven't personally tried this yet, but have signed up.
It can't hurt to try it out!  Click the link below to check it out! (link will open in new window)

Friday, February 22, 2013

Review - ShortTask & DollarsIncome

Two for today because they're very similar.  If you are a member at MicroWorkers, these will be easy for you to get the hang of.
ShortTask and DollersIncome are two websites very much like MicroWorkers.  I have made accounts at each, but have yet to actually use them.  Like MicroWorkers, these two sites list small task jobs that pay out anywhere from $0.01 and up.  Tasks range from click work, to sign ups, to writing articles and more.  Very easy stuff.

ShortTask pays through Paypal and has a withdrawal minimum of $10.

With DollarsIncome, they also pay through paypal.  They have a minimum withdrawal account of $15.00.

With both sites, you request to withdrawal.  It isn't automatically sent on a certain day.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Fraudulent Company! - NickWheelers

I know this isn't a review, but it needs to be put out there.

I was offered a job on oDesk to post 20 listings for a company on Ebay.  To start, I had to create a sample using the information they gave me, which stated that they buyer picks up the product or pays for shipping which was in the states. (I'm in Canada)  I didn't see anything wrong with it, it wasn't breaking any rules or regulations with Ebay.  Once posted though, my account was suspended.  I called Ebay and they told me the   company I listed for was a fraudulent company and because I posted something from that company, my account on Ebay was permanently suspended.  Which means I can access it, but I cannot buy, sell or send messages.  I cannot create a new account.  Ever.

So, I log into my husbands Ebay account to find out that they have done the same to his simply because it was associated with my account! (same addresses, etc)  Wonderful!

The oDesk member name is: Dean Hepny
The job was titled: Assistant needed for 20 project descriptions writing job
The website is: http://NickWheelers.com
Manager: Edward McKinney
Sales Manager: Julie Newman

I was speaking to Julie, who apparently is the sales manager.  I told her about the suspension  nothing back, not even a small apology.  I sent an email to her and the manager stating what Ebay told me, and that I would do what I could to make sure other independent contractors are aware of them and what they stand for.

That being said, please share this information!

I have sent an email to oDesk to inform them, as well as to Elance so they can take the appropriate steps to protect their members.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Review - Viraliti

If you like Pinterest, you'll like Viraliti!
For this website, all you are required to do is post pins on Pinterest!  You earn money by US citizens clicking on these pins.  You can also earn money by referring people.
I recently joined and got accepted.  I posted 5 different pins late last night, and woke up to $0.29 in my account.  Not much, but for something as easy as clicking a button and letting the pin work for you, it's worth it!  Give it a try and pass it along to your friends!

Monday, February 18, 2013

Review - MicroWorkers

MicroWorkers is based on a bunch of small task jobs, hence the title, MicroWorkers.  These task jobs are often referred to as micro jobs.  So this site, you simply create an account, make sure your profile is completed, and go for it.  These task jobs pay very little, however most of these tasks take only a minute of your time and add up.

For example, I've completed 6 task jobs ranging between $0.10 - $0.65 and have a total of $2.60 in my account.  Those were done within minutes.  A couple were proof of an entire search, one was a like on youtube, one was a bookmark and Google +1, etc.  Just random, easy tasks.  If you were to sit and do this through out the day, you could probably make a decent amount per day.

I also wanted to add that RateMyVideo sent me my first payment today.  You don't need to request payment, they send it when you hit $5.  I received a deposit of $6.10 into my paypal account today. :)

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Review - Elance

With Elance, you will click the "I want to work" tab when applying.  You can apply from anywhere around the world as there are jobs in many different languages posted here.  Elance is set up with clients who are offering miscellaneous jobs.  Some are simple 150 work articles, others, you are writing complete novels or creating entire websites, or even platforms.  The free memberships allows you into one work category.  Myself for example, decided to stick with the writing and translation category.  I only speak English, but I have experience writing.  I do however, plan to upgrade my account simply because I have experience in many other categories.  To upgrade your account would cost $10 per month, will give you 60 credits rather than 40 (you use these to apply for jobs, 40 per month for a basic membership), and it will open the option to add more categories.  Each additional category is an extra $5.

This site is wonderful.  I recently wrote 5 articles on infertility and received $55, though he was offering more.  I offered the price of $55, which you also do when applying for a job.  There are jobs ranging from $10 up to $10,000+ for those with the required experience.  Payment is through Elance and they send your money to paypal once your employer has accepted your work.

I highly recommend giving this website a try!

Friday, February 15, 2013

Review - TranscribeMe!

For anyone with any background in transcription, TranscribeMe! will be a great place for you!
You are required to listen to small audio clips, 8 - 10 seconds in length, and type out what you heard with their styles applied.  This is very easy work.  They pay $0.05 and up per audio clip.  It may not seem like much, but it adds up fast.  One thing I will say is that it's a popular website, so it can be hard to find available work.  Login often for the best chances to find work.

The minimum payment is whatever you decide, but the guarantee no paypal fees if you chose to have a $10 or more payment.  As you can see, they also pay through paypal on Tuesday of each week.  As far as I know, as long as you have a good understanding of the English language and a paypal account, you can join this website.

I am new there, but was transcribing clips for a minute there right after joining and am up to a dollar already. This is fast, easy money compared to a lot of other extra cash things online.
Depending on your speed and accuracy with this website, it states you can earn up to $20 an hour.

Review - iWriter

iWriter is an article writing website.  Once you are approved, fill out your profile and be sure to enter the email address you will use for paypal as this is their means of payment.  Your payment minimum is $20.00 and you can request to be paid weekly, bi-weekly or monthly.

Once you have set up your account, you will need to click on "Write Content" up at the top.  This will take you to a list of articles that need to be written, along with a price.  The prices that are highlighted in blue are for "elite writers," in yellow are for "premium writers," and the articles at the bottom with plain text are for you, the "standard writer."  You have to complete 30 article and have a rating of 4 stars or more to become a premium member, and at least 30 articles completed and a rating of at least 4.6 stars.

I've heard good things about this website, but I am still new there.
If you like article writing, give this website a try!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Review - MegaTypers

MegaTypers.  Click the linked text to open a new web page that will take you to the registration page.  On this page, it will ask you for a referral code.  Please type in 5KKC.
Now for an explanation of MegaTypers.  If you have experience in data entry, this will be easy for you.  If you have no problem reading the captcha images when registering at a new website, you will find this easy.  You will be typing captcha images and earning as you go.  The pay is not great, but it's very easy work.  You are paid every Monday and if you haven't reached the minimum pay out of $3, it's carried over until the next Monday and so on.  They pay through paypal.

Give it a try, you do not have to stick with it if it's not for you!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Review - RateMyVideo

RateMyVideo is simple to use and simple to earn extra money!
When you get to the sign up page, you can type in my name, Alicia Colville, as your referral.  You will have to sign up through facebook.  You'll have to wait a while, even a couple days, for a confirmation email.  You will get one though, be patient.  To use RateMyVideo, you need to use Google Chrome web browser and install their extension.

Once you've been accepted and are ready to start, all you need to do is click the extension button in the top, right corner and it should load YouTube.  You are to watch the video clip, give it a rating between 1 to 5 stars and click next.  Simple to do even in the background while busy with something else.  I have noticed that I receive 60 videos to rate daily.  It pays $0.02 per video clip rated, but it's easy to do and does add up.  The minimum payout I believe is $5, and they send it to you via paypal.

The pay isn't great, but considering what you're doing, it's not that bad either!  60 videos to rate at $0.02 per video would give you a total of $1.20 per day.  So over a 30 day period, it would equal out to about $36.  Not much, but easy, extra cash!

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Review - SliceThePie

The second review of this brand new blog is about SliceThePie.  Again, clicking this link will open the website in a new window.  Be sure to bookmark this blog just in case though!

SliceThePie is easy pocket money.  There isn't much involved at all.  All that is required of you is to listen to music, you have to listen to a minute and a half of the song and than rate it, and wright a small review.  The review should be of good quality.  The better the quality, the better the pay.  The music you hear are submitted by actual artists wanting opinions on their music, so try to make sure your reviews are of honest opinions!

They pay up to about $0.30 per song review and pay you through paypal.  You have a minimum payout level of $10.  I have been a member there for a little while, only logged on for not even half an hour and have earned over $3.50.  It's easy money, and worth a shot if you have nothing to do and especially if you have a passion for new music!  I don't believe they have a preference in where you live either.  Take a look at the FAQ and give it a try.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Review - Humanatic

The very first review will be for Humanatic; clicking on this link will open the site in a new window.  Just in case though, be sure to bookmark this blog for future reviews on sites to earn extra cash!

Humanatic is a website that is currently hiring.  I just started there personally, haven't put in much time yet but have earned over $7 just doing a few reviews here and there over 1 day.  Humanatic hires you to review call clips.  It's very easy, especially considering what you do.  You will listen to a short audio clip, and select the correct category.  Simple as that.  The pay differs however.  It currently says 0.6¢ for outbound call reviews and 1.6¢ for inbound call reviews.  The pay isn't that great, but as I said, it's very easy work and is a great resource for extra cash.  They pay weekly on Mondays through paypal if you have a minimum of $5.  Other wise, what you've made will get carried over to the following Monday.

One thing that I have a problem with, and that I've read is a common problem on other blogs etc, is the loading time of the audio files.  It can take a while for the audio files to load.  If you mix this with something else to earn some extra cash that doesn't involve audio, you can pass the time waiting for the audio file to load very easily.

Humanatic is English only, and I believe they hire from from anyway.  I can tell you for sure they hire in the US and in Canada.  Give it a try and see what you think of it!